Movement That Matters

Viktor and Kelly Uygan, owners of Konnect Pilates Training Orange County, both PMA-CPT’s, are committed to creating customized exercise programs that allow you to reach your full potential. Their instruction helps with overall conditioning for any level of fitness and achieving balance in the body where mindful movement matters. With more than 29 years of experience as professional Ballet Dancers and personal trainers, both are also teacher trainers with the world renowned Balanced Body, Inc. They prioritize in bringing you at a team of friendly and fully comprehensively certified instructors trained in Pilates along with specialty programming.

Konnect Pilates Training Orange County offers Balanced Body Full Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training, Konnector,  CoreAlign, BODHI, MOTR, Balanced Body Barre, Anatomy in Three Dimensions, Pilates for Dancers, Pilates for Golf, Pre-Natal Pilates and The Pink Ribbon program.