1. The Difference Between Pilates and Yoga

    Many people are under the impression that Pilates and yoga are the same because both focus on breathing and both utilize different poses on a mat. However, there are distinct differences between the practices of yoga and Pilates, and in today’s post, we will give you a breakdown of how these two exercises are different. If you’re in the Mission Viejo area and you’re looking for a Pilates stu…Read More

  2. What Konnect Pilates Can Offer You

    Many people are turning to Pilates as a way to strengthen their core, enhance their flexibility, and even improve their dance and sports performance. As a result, more chain Pilates studios are emerging than ever before. While you can still benefit from going to a chain Pilates studio, there are numerous benefits to going to a private studio like Konnect Pilates. Konnect Pilates is not your ordina…Read More

  3. How Pilates Can Help After Rehab

    When most people think of Pilates, they think of working out or exercising. It isn’t often that Pilates and rehabilitation are linked in your mind, however, if you’re recovering from rehab or physical therapy, Pilates is a great way to help you get back to your normal routine. In today’s post, we will give you a breakdown of how Pilates can help those in rehab or physical therapy. At Konnect…Read More

  4. Principles of Pilates 101

    Pilates is a great way to find balance, understand the way your body moves, and strengthen your core. However, in order to get the most out Pilates, it’s important that you understand the six basic principles of Pilates. In today’s post, we will give you a guide to the basic principles in hopes that it will improve the way you do Pilates. At Konnect Pilates, we are a Pilates studio unlike any …Read More

  5. What are the Benefits of Barre?

    You may be thinking that only dancers use a ballet barre, but you would be wrong. Over the last few years, people have begun to realize the immense benefits of using a ballet barre to strengthen and sculpt the body, as well as improve flexibility. At Konnect Pilates, we are proud to offer our Balanced Body Barre class where our instructor will lead you through a combination of arm, ab, thigh, and …Read More

  6. The Benefits of a Private Pilates Session: Part Two

    In part one of this multi-part series, we talked about a few of the benefits of working one-on-one with a Pilates instructor. If you are interested in experiencing some of these benefits first-hand, come to Konnect Pilates! We offer group classes and individual sessions for all skill levels ranging from beginner to experienced Pilates expert. Stop in for a free consultation where one of our certif…Read More

  7. The Benefits of a Private Pilates Session: Part One

    Both group Pilates classes and private Pilates sessions with a certified Pilates instructor have their benefits. Luckily, at Konnect Pilates, we give you the opportunity to enjoy both! Whether you are doing dance conditioning or you’re looking to strengthen and tone your body, our trainers can help you find the right classes to fit your needs. We offer classes with varying levels of difficulty f…Read More

  8. A Breakdown of Mat vs. Reformer Pilates

    Konnect Pilates is your go-to place for expert Pilates training. Our skilled instructors guide you through different movements to help you strengthen different areas of your body. We offer both group reformer classes and group mat classes as well as private Pilates classes if you are uncomfortable starting in a group. Schedule a consultation with one of our Pilates instructors today and we will as…Read More

  9. Viktor Uygan at Pilates Anytime

    Journal of Viktor Uygan’s experience filming at Pilates Anytime…. The time had actually arrived, years of experience put into many hours of thought and preparation to present two of my classes on Pilates Anytime. Not only was I excited to be invited but the fact that I could bring my wife to be my model for the filmings brought me back to our old days dancing together as professional ballet da…Read More

  10. Handstand on Ladder Barrel

    Handstand on ladder barrel is used to help support and guide the body through each exercise. It allows the user to feel connected and safe, which allows the body to continue to be challenged. Using the Ladder Barrel for Hand Stands helps the body feel where the back and head should be while the legs can be pressed safely to the ceiling. If you notice, we also use the platform for the equipment, to…Read More