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The Konnector is a single-rope pulley system with loops for all four limbs. The patented system enables independent, simultaneous movement of both arms and legs, and the user experiences constant proprioceptive feedback through the single rope. This facilitates full-body integration and stronger core activation in dynamic new ways.

Developed by Konnect Pilates Viktor Uygan in collaboration with Balanced Body, the Konnector®is an extraordinary Reformer accessory that makes Pilates more versatile (and fun!). Come try the Konnector at Konnect Pilates today!


“Konnector is a brilliant creation to cross-train the body as a whole. It’s a true “Pilates in 3D” system for athletes, dancers and clients with asymmetries. We have to have this yesterday.”

-Marie-José Blom

Want a great way to completely connect (or should we say KONNECT) mind, body and spirit through movement? That’s what our Konnector™ is designed to do! Our own Viktor Uygan spent years developing this piece of Pilates equipment that connects both arms and legs (all four limbs simultaneously) in resistance to find total balance! Make a Konnect Pilates appointment to use this special invention that was made with your fitness and strength in mind. We’d love to get your feedback on the Konnector™, too!

Konnector – Created Viktor Uygan, co-owner of Konnect Pilates, and developed in cooperation with Balanced Body, the Konnector is an innovative Reformer accessory that replaces the apparatus’ original ropes. Designed to enable independent yet simultaneous movement of the arms and legs, Konnector is a single rope pulley system with four straps (one for each limb). Konnector can be used for performing the original Reformer repertoire as well as a new set of functional movements that provide your clients with constant proprioceptive feedback.

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Kelly and Viktor are creative and inspiring teachers! I highly recommend working with them.

Kelly and Viktor were so giving of themselves- I feel blessed to be taught by these two who care so much about Pilates, which is their life and passion.

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