Pilates training in a tube.
Portable & Easy Setup

MOTR may look like a simple roller but it is way more than that. MOTR is a small, affordable piece of equipment that allows you to train your clients anywhere while focusing on key principles of alignment, balance, core control and functional movement patterns.

Exercises vary easily to provide appropriate fitness challenges for clients at any level, from senior citizens to professional athletes. You will learn key positions and exercises as well as sequences and programming for private and group sessions.

MOTR’s versatility offers unlimited programming and limitless results

Exercise categories include:

• Agility/Core Training

• Develop Balance

• Cardio Fitness

• Strength: Arm, Lower & Upper Body

Experience the unique challenge of Pilates Reformer work on MOTR. And it’s great for attracting new clients who may be hesitant to try Pilates.

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Viktor demonstrated his passion, expertise and knowledge of the MOTR to the class throughout the 2 days – excellent program, training, advice, workouts.

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